The Capitol Fax Blog: There’s Nothing Wrong With Being An Electrician and Politically Active. This Would Be America, After All.

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John McCain had his plumber,
 Pat Quinn has his welder and now Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has an electrician


* Schakowsky’s opponent Joel Pollak claims that this is no ordinary electrician. From a press release…

* First of all, Rep. Nekritz is not a “Machine” Democrat. She was the only Democrat who voted against Speaker Madigan’s rules two years ago, for crying out loud. I did my own searches and found $2600 in campaign contributions made by Sindelar and his wife since September of 2001. I guess that allows Pollack to claim “thousands” in contributions, but that’s an average of just $289 a year. Sindelar was paid $400 by Maine Township five years ago. Yeah, he’s some player.

Just for the heck of it, I checked campaign contributions made by my handyman. Tony and his wonderful wife have contributed $2,247 to Republicans since 2000 - not much different than Schakowsky’s alleged “Machine Democrat” electrician. Tony is also listed as the handyman for the local county party. Do those contributions and expenditures make my handyman a Republican hack? Heck no. He’s a fine, upstanding American who likes to be involved in the American Way. Does his activism make Tony less of a handyman? Absolutely not. He’s the best handyman ever, in my opinion. I absolutely love the guy and recommend him all the time to Democrats, Republicans and to folks who I have no idea what party they belong to.

There’s nothing at all wrong with people being an electrician or a handyman and at the same time being politically active. This would be America, after all.